Komasa Hojicha (Green Tea) Gin (500 ml)

Komasa Hojicha (Green Tea) Gin (500 ml)

Komasa Hojicha (Green Tea) Gin (500 ml)

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Country of origin:   Japan                                 Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%                                 Bottle size: 500 ml  

Made with Hojicha, Juniper berries and various botanicals

The roasty, vegetal aroma fills your mouth with your first sip. A subtle sweetness and wood-like fragrance appears as you exhale, and before you know it, you’re back for another sip. A familiar fragrance brings you back, the effortless combination of roasted hojicha tea with gin.

Light and refreshing with the palate-cleansing aroma of roasted tea leaves. Goes well with heavy meals as an alternative to beer or wine.

Kagoshima, one of Japan’s leading tea-producing regions, is the only place such an unlikely but perfect match could happen.

About Hojicha: Hojicha is made by roasting green tea leaves at a high temperature until they turn a deep auburn color and become very aromatic. Much of the bitterness of caffeine is driven off in the roasting process, leaving a tea that is less astringent than normal green tea. Hojicha isn’t commonly used as a botanical in gin in spite of the fact that it matches exceptionally well with juniper berries.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Try with soda water (1:4 ratio)

About Komasa Jyozo: Komasa Gin is the craft gin label proudly presented by Komasa Jyozo, a shochu distillery in Kagoshima, Japan with over 130 years of distilling history.

Gin and shochu both share the fact that they are distilled spirits. Drawing on decades of distilling expertise and know-how accumulated through making shochu, the distillery unveiled a new line of gins in 2018.

Komasa Jyozo uses their rice shochu as the base for Komasa Gin, to which they add juniper berries and as few other ingredients as possible in order to let the main botanicals shine on their own.

Komasa Jyozo’s goal is to utilize and express the natural fragrances and flavors of their quality ingredients to the fullest. With Komasa Gin, they hope they have hit upon a revolutionary style of gin that is eminently easy to drink and perfect for everyone.


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